Policemen of our body

Just like policemen save us from criminals, immune cells save our body!

T cell

Dendritic cells simplified

"Dendritic cells are messengers. I imagine them blowing loud sirens or ringing bells, alarming all the warriors to prepare for battle."

Dendritic cell

Interleukin 1 mnemonic

The name (IL) followed by a number (for example IL-l or IL-2) was coined in an attempt to develop a standardized nomenclature for molecules secreted by, and acting on, leukocytes.

IL-1: It is an acute phase reactant synthesized by macrophages contributing to the acute inflammatory response, including fever, leukocyte recruitment, adhesion molecule activation, and stimulation of further chemokine production.

Mnemonic: One makes you burn like the sun.

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Neuron pencil: Sweet, sugar and blood

Diabetes needle pricks

Where do B cells and T cells reside in the lymph nodes and spleen?

Ever wondered where do these tiny little cells live in your body?
They live in organs called lymph nodes and spleen!

T cells and B cells in lymph node and spleen